Monday, June 29, 2009

MyPoints - Slow But Easy Way To Earn Giftcards

I've been a member of for about a year now and have earned points by reading emails, doing some surveys, and, on a rare occasion, buying through their links (ebay or Staples mainly). In the past year, I have earned enough points to get a $25 Kohls gift card and a $50 Target gift card. No gimmicks, no hoops to jump through. It is not the quickest way to get something for free, but slow and steady wins the race! Of course, I can also earn points for a referral, so email me if you'd like a referral!

Love Books? Great Book Swap Site!

I've been a member of paperbackswap for many years now and it is basically the only place I get books now (outside of the very rare sale). You post the books that you no longer want and make wish lists of the books you would like. When someone requests one of your books (or however many), you will receive a credit for that book once it shows delivered through USPS. You, in turn, use that credit to order the books you want off your wish list. The only thing you pay for is shipping for the books you mail out.

I've done 21 transactions and all have gone perfectly! I highly recommend this site!

Petsmart $5 off $25 coupon expires July 25th

Thank you to Fannie at the Bargain Board for this coupon!!;784227;623389990;25;02&R=T1_CPN_50078&A=1007&ci=50078

Target Deals June 28-July 4th

Dreyer's Ice Cream is on sale for 3/$8.00. Use the $1.00 off coupon on and they go down to $1.67 each.

Hillshire Farm Deli-Sliced lunchmeat is on sale for $2.99. Use the $1.00 off coupon on and they are $1.99 each. Combine with insert coupons from Redplum: .35/1 Hillshire Farms Deli Select Lunchmeats, Any 8 Oz. 06-07-09 RP
.65/2 Hillshire Farms Deli Select Lunchmeats, Any 5 Oz. - 06-07-09 RP
$1/2 Hillshire Farms Deli Select Lunchmeats, Any 8 Oz. 06-07-09 RP For additional savings.

To find grocery coupons on, type in "grocery coupons' in the search engine. The first match will just say "grocery"; click that and you'll see coupon savings on the left side of the center area. Click that and you'll see what the options of coupons are for you to choose from.

Time To Share The Love Of Saving Money!!

My first blog post! Yeah! My friends have been telling me to do this for so long... ugh! Sorry! So, here we go!

Deal of the day! Albertsons!

Now, through tomorrow, you can get FREE taco shells! The Taco Time Taco Shells, 12-count boxes, are on sale for $1.00 each. They are also part of their promotion that, if you buy 10 of them, you automatically get $5.00 off your total. So if you buy (10) boxes of taco shells, your total will be $5.00! But it gets better! Most of the boxes of taco shells that I have seen have .50 coupons on them that say to SAVE NOW! So, by following orders, you will be handing over the coupon, thus making each box FREE! Doesn't get much easier than that!