Friday, October 9, 2009

Free IPhone / ITouch Applications: The Best Deal, Peter und Vlad, PhotoShelf

Thank you SD!
Just go to your ITunes store and seach applications:

"The Best Deal will save you time and money when shopping by instantly giving you a cost per unit comparison for products. Stores and manufacturers often change sizes and quantities in order to make it difficult to determine the real costs. Be it food items, cleaning products, or anything else, The Best Deal will make life a whole lot easier, allowing you to find the best deal within seconds!Simply type in the Price, Quantity, and Size for each product, press the green button, and when you hear the bell ring, you'll see highlighted which product really is the best deal!"

Peter und Vlad is an action adventure game that many compare similar in style to Mario. Normally $3.00

Photo Shelf allows you to display up to 18 photos in a single frame with your own unique style. Normally $4.99

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