Friday, July 17, 2009

Albertsons SCORE!!! Monster Clearance Sale!!

I just walked out of Albertsons with (13) bags of groceries for $23.40!!! This is what I got:

(14) Pints of Breyers Ice Cream
(3) Boxes of Cheerios Oat Clusters
(2) Boxes of Kelloggs High School Musical Cereal
(1) Bottle of A&H Pet Odor Eliminator
(6) Dawn Dish Soap Refills, 22oz
(9) Packages of Various Cookies
(1) Albertsons Brand Sweeper (aka: Swiffer) Starter Kit
(1) Albertsons Brand Ice Tea Tower Package
(3) Crystal Light Ice Tea Tower Package
(13) Crystal Light To Go Boxes of Ice Tea Packets
(1) Can of Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna
(5) Boxes of Special K Cereal Bars
(1) French Bread
(1) A&H Deodorant

Total came to $23.40!! I saved $102.64!!! That averaged .38 per item!! I only had coupons for the Special K, the tuna and the Ice Cream; the rest was pure luck!! Thank you Albertsons!

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