Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walgreens: Huggies Wipes Deal!! It Gets Even Better!!

Walgreens started a promo today (runs through Saturday) where, if you buy $25 worth of items, you get a $5 register rewards off your next purchase. Great way to get the most out of your Huggies deal right now! At the entrance of the store, where they keep the store ad, you should find the little "Back To School" orange booklets. Grab one of those and head back to the baby wipes. Hopefully your store has the Huggies tubs (any flavor) regular price at $2.79 each (I have 3 stores and they all vary). Buy 9 of these and your total, pre-coupon, is $25.11. Give them your ONE coupon (it takes off per each item in the order) and $18.00 will come off your order. Your subtotal is $7.11... minus any register rewards you may already have or any manufacture coupns. When I checked out today, my total was $2.87 for 9 tubs! And that includes tax! And I walked out with my $5 register reward to use on a future purchase (do not try to use this $5RR to do again because it will not spit out another RR.. these do not 'roll.') Enjoy!!

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