Saturday, August 8, 2009

Walgreens Photo Stamp Deal!! Almost Free Postage!!

Walgreens is clearing out their Photo Stamps, where you turn your photos into real US Postage. Many people are finding these at $7.19 each; I found them at my store at $10.29 each. You get a code to use at for 20 free stamps and shipping. Here is a way to make it an even sweeter deal though!!! Buy (4) of these at Walgreens at $10.29 each. Total comes to $41.16. Use this $5/$25 coupon (expires today, and yes, you are paying for a service, not US postage with the coupon so the coupon works fine): Walgreens Coupon This brings your total to $36.16. Go to and download the software (or you could use the disks in the boxes if you want). Each disk in each box has a code to credit the stamps you are buying AND the shipping per each. Rather than buying only 4 sheets of stamps, buy 5. Your subtotal for (5) sheets of photo stamps will be $84.95. Subtract (4) codes from the Walgreens Photo Stamps boxes (at $21.98 each) leaves you a balance of .02 for the 5th sheet of (20) stamps!! So you are getting (100) stamps for $36.18 (tax not included of course from the Walgreens purchase) which makes for .36 a stamp! Not too shabby and they are personalized too!! Enjoy! ***Note: If you are a member of MyPoints, go through their link for a 1000 point bonus!! Thank you BBC!***

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